Sean Franzen, photo editor

“My staffing firm is the best to temp for because I feel like a full-time employee.”

Sean Franzen was an independent contractor for a decade before Akraya placed him. And what he enjoys the most is the fact that his staffing firm handles all of his paperwork and benefits — very efficiently. “They take my taxes out, deal with invoicing, paperwork all very efficiently; I have health insurance,” he says. This offers him the freedom to just focus on the job.

Franzen wasn’t looking to be a contractor through a staffing firm. An Akraya recruiter contacted him, having gotten his information through a professional association they both belong to. Franzen decided to give contracting a shot. And has enjoyed his assignments. “I don’t know how other staffing agencies deal with payroll but they make it very easy for me and it just takes me about 10 minutes every week to do my payroll.

Further, if any issues do crop up, Akraya representatives get back to him within 15 minutes. It’s a change from many of the horror stories that Franzen hears from his colleagues (placed by different staffing firms) at the company that he’s currently working at. “They have so many complaints about payroll and direct deposits.” In contrast, it’s smooth sailing for him.

But it’s not just about payroll. Akraya reps stay in touch, making sure that he is aware of any changes that could affect his performance. In fact given that he was a freelancer, they spent time upfront explaining what a 9-5 could entail.And even now, his recruiter, Scott Tomie, will often stop by and take him out for an impromptu lunch. “I know he’s in the building for some meetings but he makes a point at stopping at my desk,” says Franzen.

The association is obviously successful. Franzen’s contract via Akraya has been extended.