Mark Eldridge, CEO

“We don’t have a fridge full of beer. We don’t have a flexible work-from-home policy,” says CEO Mark Eldridge. Nor does ALKU have a game room or nap room. Instead, ALKU focuses on making sure employees know how they contribute to the company’s goals, growth and success. From the day they start, they know they play a critical role. This keeps them engaged and part of the process.

ALKU is about helping workers reach their goals, personal and professional. At the start, workers are asked to list their goals. Do they want to make it to management? A different career path? How about the personal? Are there major purchases on the horizon? And ALKU helps them get there by guiding their work.

This translates to a strong commitment to the client and candidates. Knowing ALKU is worrying about their own goals frees employees up to focus on the others’ needs.

They know their ideas are valued as well. One employee with just six months’ tenure approached him timidly with an idea that could boost productivity. To her surprise, Eldridge jumped up and got a pilot program started that day. The lesson: everyone’s ideas matter and will be heard.

And they have fun working hard. It can be fun working hard when you’re doing so with like-minded people, Eldridge says.

They might not have beer or a game room, but they do have fun. The company does offer contests and trips based on performance. And each quarter a new worker earns the ALKU Crown.