Kristin Cavaleri, account executive, principal

We are the best place to work because the internal culture, professionalism and flexibility lead to success.”

“The training that Apex provided when I was newer to the company is fantastic,” says Kristin Cavaleri, who joined the company straight out of college and is now an account executive, principal, at Apex Systems. “To be 33 years old and making the type of money that I’ve been able to make at Apex with a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in communications is just unheard of; but it’s not unheard of at Apex. We really do have a lot of great success stories and people that have done really, really well for themselves and they are all really great people.”

While Cavaleri lauds the compensation and benefits package Apex provides, she has developed more appreciation for the people she works with and the company’s culture since she started a family. Company leadership provides staff with the flexibility needed to get the job done the best way they see fit, she says. Cavaleri now keeps an abbreviated work schedule, coming in a bit later and leaving a bit earlier.

“I really think rather than managing people by a clock and instead managing them by their performance has given me and a lot of other new moms the opportunity to be the leaders in sales,” says Cavaleri. “If you look at our sales numbers, it’s at least half women who are in our top-ten every week, and I would say about three to four of them are moms, which is awesome.”

While competition is the nature of the business, it’s great to have a really good internal support system in the office.