Janice Bryant-Howroyd, CEO

AppleOne Employment Services is part of the Act•1 Group, a family-owned company, and employees are treated as an extension of that family, says Act•1 Group CEO Janice Bryant-Howroyd. The company also aims to make sure its employees are free to think and work without walls.

“The tradition of going above and beyond for our employees is reflected in everything we do,” Bryant-Howroyd says. “We understand that our success begins and ends with the talent we are able to attract, evolve and retain and we are committed to improving the lives of those people integral to our achievement.”

One example of the company working to treat its employees well was a program aimed to help employees buy homes by helping them set the goal and strategy to make it happen.

In another example, a key employee had to move his family back to Korea. Instead of losing the worker, the company looked at this as an opportunity and further expanded its business into Asia.

AppleOne works to create an environment where people are aggressive in updating their skills. In addition, top performers are recognized on the company intranet site and monthly newsletters.

And the company doesn’t just focus its recognition on the sales team. It also recognizes those working in the back office and providing for the infrastructure of the firm.

“Every year, we take the top performing 10% of our contributors, consisting of both sales and operations on a company sponsored reward-based trip, highlighting the accomplishments of these team members and celebrating their success,” Bryant-Howroyd says.