Temp 2015

Swoon Technology Resources, #1 Best to Temp For, 2015

Steve Amidei, Service Delivery Manager

Horror stories about temping via a staffing firm abound. However, it was an easy process from the get go for Steve Amidei. “My initial contact, Sara Riggs, got the ball rolling smoothly,” he says. She not only explained what the temp position represented, she also described the inner workings of […]

Signature Consultants, #2 Best to Temp For, 2015

Abbie Medlin, Analytics Consultant

Abbie Medlin wasn’t having much luck finding a job.Yes, she had relocated to Charlotte, N.C., after getting married. After the move, sending out resumes was getting her nowhere.A call from Signature Consultants’ Alan Stiven (who found her on a  job board) changed her paradigm. Medlin had not been a consultant before […]

Fusion Medical Staffing, #3 Best to Temp For, 2015

Norma Bivona, Medical Laboratory Scientist, traveler

As a temp traveler, knowing that your staffing agency has your back is critical. And that is what Fusion Medical Staffing does for Norma Bivona.

It begins with her recruiter, who keeps in regular touch with her almost every week. Her recruiter makes sure Bivona has suitable housing when she’s […]

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