North America, 21 to 50 employees, 2022

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    RK Management Consultants Inc. (RKMC) (Grand Prize Winner, 21 to 50 employees, 2022)

RK Management Consultants Inc. (RKMC) (Grand Prize Winner, 21 to 50 employees, 2022)

A Lasting Legacy

Everyone is a partner driving success

Raj Khanna immigrated to America with $7 in his pocket and a dream to build a technology company from the ground up. He became a subject-matter expert in artificial intelligence and strategically evolved into a minority entrepreneur. With two small daughters, Khanna founded RK Management Consultants Inc., […]

Ethos Medical Staffing (Winner, 21 to 50 employees, 2022)

The Ethos Mantra

Empowering medical professionals so they’re best equipped to ensure patient well-being

Ethos Medical Staffing was founded by former travel nurse Jeff Stoner, who set out to create a staffing firm by travel nurses, for travel nurses. Founded in 2015 as Heartland Health Care Providers, the company — located in the Kansas City metropolitan […]

i-Pharm Consulting Ltd. (Winner, 21 to 50 employees, 2022)

At Its Center

Entrusting its people with autonomy reaps rewards for i-Pharm Consulting

With a people-centered approach to sourcing top-tier talent, the London-based organization strives to realize its mission to change lives “by placing people at the heart of life sciences,” providing tailored solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies worldwide.

Since it was founded in 2008, […]

MedUS Healthcare (Winner, 21 to 50 employees, 2022)

Strong Foundation

MedUS’ team and supportive community are key to its success

MedUS Healthcare’s motto — “Better people, better outcomes” — defines the Cincinnati, Ohio-based travel nurse provider’s mission of taking pride in delivering excellence in patient care.  Founded in 2013, the organization is passionate about placing medical professionals in specialty areas in the healthcare sector […]

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