BJ Martinez, receptionist coordinator

My staffing firm is the best place to work because our leadership puts people first.”

“I like that my boss, CEO Mike Weinholtz, has heart,” says Receptionist Coordinator BJ Martinez. “He really cares about us. He lives what he passes on to us and what he tells us. Putting people first is the biggest.”

Martinez has worked forCHG for 28 years and praises the environment Weinholtz helped create since coming on board about 15 years ago.

“I’ve seen lots of changes, but since Mike has been here I’ve only seen changes for the better,” she says.

The company provides employees with a free, on-site healthcare clinic. It is staffed by two nurse practitioners and provides an array of wellness programs.

CHG also maintains a game room with pingpong and pool tables, a gym room, and a workout room that offers fitness classes such as yoga and Zumba, a dance-fitness workout.

Employees are involved in the decision-making process, says Martinez, and an annual survey asks what they would like to see in the company.

“Putting people first is not just here in the workplace. Once you’re working here and you realize that is one of the first core values that we have, you start to live it. You pass it on to your family, your friends and even strangers that you meet.”

“I started working when my children were all in school and my oldest was in junior high,” says the 67-year-old Martinez. “I am in good health and plan to continue working here as long as I can.”