Dan Megan, managing director

“My staffing firm is the best to work for because of all the little things.”

It’s the all the little things Elevate Technology Solutions does that makes it a great place to work, says Dan Megan, managing director.

“If you line up 10 companies, on the surface they all sort of look the same, but the details are what matters,” Megan says.

Those details include flexible schedules, a collaborative environment and an open-door policy.

Elevate hires professional people who can manage their business— there’s no micromanagement, he says. People get the freedom they need to succeed.

Collaboration is also important.

Megan has more than 15 years in the staffing industry, and he has seen other firms where teams may circle their wagons around a piece of business instead of focusing on collaboration because that was the way they were incentivized. But that’s not the case at Elevate. Teams there are incentivized to work together.

“More closes leads to more closes for everybody,” he says. “More business leads to more business for everybody.”

Elevate’s open-door policy is also a bit plus. “They want to hear ideas; they want questions. They want people who are eager and interested to learn the business,” Megan says. “They are very conscious of any sort of environment that would cause hesitation to that.”

Of course, the company also celebrates with team outings, going out for a beer and such. But it’s the other things that matter more, he says.

“It’s that collaborative environment; it’s that open-door policy,” Megan says. “It’s that willingness to talk about an idea that might be driven by the lowest person on the totem pole, the newest employee. It doesn’t have to come through a military chain of command.”