Doug Hall, President

Financial Additions believes low staff turnover contributes to better client relationships and a better bottom line. And it fosters that employee loyalty with flexibility and a fun work atmosphere.

“It’s flexibility but it’s also accountability,” explains President Doug Hall.

The company offers flexible work schedules but also holds staff accountable for the amount of work that gets done.

Financial Addition adopts a summer work schedule from Memorial Day through Labor Day, allowing staff to leave at noon on Fridays if activity goals are met. Because the time from Christmas through New Year’s Day is slow for staffing, each person works only one day during the period; the rest are not counted toward their allotted paid time off.

Regular sales contests with prizes such as a trip to Las Vegas help motivate the team, and the company participates in charity events to foster camaraderie.

For a few years the entire Financial Additions team participated in the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb, raising money and climbing up 54 flights of stairs at Renaissance Tower, the second-tallest building in downtown Dallas. After a couple of employees’ families were affected by pancreatic cancer, the team joined the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Purple Stride Walk.

“The staffing business can be a very numbers-driven business; we are as well, but we understand that the employees are what drives the business,” Hall says. “And so we try to invest in training and programs and contests and technology that keep us on the cutting edge for our clients and our candidates.”