Bill Kasko, CEO

CEO Bill Kasko won’t ask anyone to do anything he won’t do himself. And he walks the talk. He’s been known to answer the phones, clean the kitchen or get water for candidates. Seeing their CEO pitch in to that extent keeps the staff motivated. All Frontline managers have this mind-set, which helps build a true team atmosphere. “When we win together, we all win together. When we lose something, we all lose,” Kasko says.

Much of how Kasko leads Frontline is based on his prior experience at a Fortune 500 firm, where he didn’t feel respected or appreciated. So he makes sure to turn that around, and that extends to employees’ families. As thanks for sharing their loved ones and for being there at the end of long, hard days, significant others are specifically included in the company’s annual trip, he notes.

While respect is the key factor in employees’ engagement, there are other perks. Every quarter, two lucky top performers are drawn to receive up to $1,500 toward an out-of-town trip of their choice. “They just have to go out of town,” Kasko says. All employees receive a clothing allowance to enhance their business attire. They receive for giving, as well. For every eight hours’ community service (in specified areas, such as food banks), employees earn an extra three days off work.

This atmosphere leads to an astounding 5% turnover rate — a rate that enables the company to do things most staffing firms can’t, such as offering a matching 401(k) plan.