Chance Dower, branch manager, Houston and San Antonio

My staffing firm is the best to work for because of a focus on doing the right thing.

A focus on doing the right thing — for both clients and candidates — is one key aspect of Frontline Source Group’s culture that makes it a great place to work, says Chance Dower.

“One of our core philosophies is doing the right thing, and that’s dealing with clients or with candidates,” Dower says.

One recent example: A candidate was a great fit for a client, but the client’s offer wasn’t strong enough to make the candidate take the job. Dower says the candidate was then employed at a company experiencing fiscal issues, and the candidate would be better off at Frontline’s client, which was in strong fiscal shape and had a great leadership team. However, the client wanted to stay within a certain budget. So to make the deal work, Frontline worked with the client to increase the candidate’s salary and waived additional fees so the salary would still fit in the client’s budget.

“Things have to make business sense, but if it comes down to dollars or doing the right thing, you’re going to win doing the right thing,” Dower says.

There’s more, Frontline’s internal employees have access to a strong leadership team and their pool of knowledge along with the companies dedication to training, allowing employees to participate in constant improvement.

“Frontline has really invested a lot of time and resources into making sure that everybody has access to training to keep raising the bar,” Dower says. “We recently brought in a third-party trainer, someone outside of our organization that really specializes in training. … We’ve also added a role in our corporate office for a corporate trainer that handles the day-to-day training.”

Dower liked Frontline so much he moved across the state of Texas to take a job with the firm. He will have been at the company’s four years in May.

“I’m blown away on a monthly basis, for sure, if not a daily basis by what this company has been willing to do for me,” Dower says. “They are so willing to work outside of the box to truly help people that it makes it an amazing place to work.”