Talitha Boitel-Gill, recruitment consultant

“Harnham is the best to work for because you can bring up any issue.”

A comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is one of the things that Talitha Boitel-Gill appreciates most about Harnhem: “It’s quite a diverse atmosphere in terms of the different kinds of people who work here. People get on really well with each other. It’s a comfortable atmosphere. All of the managers are really friendly. If you have any issues you can talk to them about anything.”

The positive atmosphere in the office is one of the best things about it. When you’re happy at work, it shows, Boitel-Gill says. “Everyone I know who works here wants to stay here. You always feel that you are supported and I feel a lot of loyalty toward the company. The fact that we are one of the Best Staffing Places to Work for finalist is a good reflection on the staff.”

Boitel-Gill has worked for Harnham since December 2012 and really enjoys the social aspect of her job: “If there’s a new person or group of people starting we always have a social event, not just drinks but also things like go-carting. Every Tuesday the boys in the office play a football match against other companies in the area and we organise to go down and watch them, and go for dinner afterwards.”