Jayson Sipe, search consultant

“We are the best place to work because our culture and environment are based on learning and growth.”

Jayson Sipe was a lumber mill mechanic/welder visiting Las Vegas with a friend when he happened to meet and chat with staff in town from Plano-Texas-based LiquidAgents Healthcare. He was so impressed by the enthusiasm these people had for their company that he wanted to be part of it. So he kept his eyes open for a job opening and soon was packing up to leave his Seattle-area home for Texas. Two years later, he has no regrets.

What means the most to Sipe, a search consultant who works to place nurses around the country, is how the company values each person’s success, making learning and growth a priority. And it shows in how Sipe himself has flourished in a completely new industry just two years in.

The biggest draw to Sipe is that management legitimately wants everyone to do well, to be as successful as they can be. They are constantly training and helping so everyone can be as successful as they can be. “I’m never dreading work. I can’t wait to get in there and do a good job and be more successful,” he says.

The perks are fun, too, of course, and almost non-stop. He describes a prize wheel, where team-nominated honorees spin for an award on the wheel. Examples of what’s available include cash, concert tickets and an indoor skydiving experience. Other staffers recently joined the lucky winner of the latter. Group events such as chili or baking cook-offs make for a great time as well.

And the company’s culture benefits his travel nurses, he says. “They feel cared for,” he says. They’ve told him they don’t feel like a number to him and his team. They know they are appreciated and valued.