Jason Baker, Chairman

“We’ve always had a culture that’s quite different,” says Jason Baker, chairman of People Source. “It’s not the traditional KPI-driven, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. model. Our model is about putting staff first.”

As such, People Source offers flextime, a rarity in recruitment. “Flextime really helps people fit their work around their lives,” he says. “We give everyone an hour and 15 minutes for their lunch, so they can go to the gym or out to eat.”

Half of the company’s office space is dedicated to staff breakout areas, complete with computer games and a pool table. “When people are playing the PlayStation or pool they’re building friendships and relationships. It helps to integrate new people into the business more quickly,” Baker explains.

For the company’s 10th anniversary in 2012 the entire staff was taken to Paris for a treasure hunt. They were divided into teams and with Disney-themed mascots and had go around to get photos of bystanders at famous landmarks. “They got more points for more people in the pictures.”

“It was such a success that we set a company target the following year. We hit it and took the whole company to Barcelona. In 2014 we also set a target, hit it, and went to Rome.”

Baker is adamant that while having fun and building bonds creates a better work environment there’s also a commercial benefit to it. “When people are highly motivated and work together it translates into business success.”