Sarah Bader, manager, talent acquisition

“My staffing firm is the best place to work because it’s an incredibly creative place.”

Sarah Bader loves working at Roth Staffing because she is constantly challenged to figure out ways to create remarkable experiences for people, both internal co-workers as well as hiring managers in the field.

“I’m given a tremendous amount of latitude in how I want to do that,” says Bader, manager, talent acquisition. “I can be as creative as I want, or as in-the-box as I want.”

Starting at Roth as a corporate recruiter, Bader brought with her a background in hospitality management. She’s worked with several well-recognized organizations prior to Roth, including Walt Disney, Marriott and Hyatt. Disney is the only company that compares to her experience at Roth, she says, with both companies creating a team-like atmosphere among employees.

“You know when you walk through those doors, there is an element of excellence that you kind of raise your game to,” Bader says. “You’re on stage. There is a common language you speak. There is a sense of, ‘We’re in this thing together.’”

Roth hires employees who intrinsically embody the company promise, “We love to create remarkable experiences, every person every time.” They are given the autonomy to make decisions about what clients or candidates they want to work with and the way they want to work with them, creating a highly engaged workforce.

“I really wanted to find a company where I could really make a difference in people’s lives,” says Bader. “This is an incredible company and it’s a platform that has offered me the ability to touch people’s lives and change people’s lives in a way that is so fulfilling.”