Ben Roth, Founder and CEO
Adam Roth, President and COO

Roth Staffing Companies has ranked as a finalist in the Best Staffing Firms to Work For competition each year since 2011 — it’s one of only three staffing firms to do so and the only large, commercial staffing firm to do so.

Founder and CEO Ben Roth and President and COO Adam Roth point to the company’s culture — defined by Roth Staffing’s mission, vision, values, purpose and promise — as driving a competitive advantage. That culture engages workers.

“That passion is something that is reflected in all that we do,” Ben Roth says. “It’s something that manifests itself in the level of service, the experiences that we create and the outcomes that our customers receive.”

Adam Roth said the culture creates stronger teams and stronger relationships — including relationships with clients.

“People are with us much longer today than ever before,” Ben Roth says. “We see that co-worker tenure keeps increasing and that also leads to longer stronger relationships as well with our customers.”

Roth Staffing has work-life balance programs, community giving, health and wellness programs and more. However, Ben Roth and Adam Roth stress that it’s the whole of what the company does that makes it a great place to work.

“Our culture is extremely strong and we create a platform in which people’s personnel and professional lives can be fully aligned and congruent,” Ben Roth says. “All the small things are important but really, the soul of the company really defines the relationship we have with all the co-workers.”

And the improvements are ongoing. Every day the company looks at how it can become a better place to work, Adam Roth says.