Brian Kendrick, business unit leader

My firm is the best because it is very relationship-based, both internally and externally.”

Brian Kendrick, business unit leader, worked at a competing firm for five years, left the business for six years, and then rejoined the industry with Signature. The core values, priorities and belief systems of CEO Jay Cohen and company’s leadership team resonated with him from the start of the interview process, and the camaraderie and family-like environment contrasted with the cut-throat atmosphere Kendrick experienced at his prior firm.

“What I liked best about Signature, even before joining, was that it felt like a small company,” Kendrick says. “It felt like I could have a voice. It felt like I would be valued. It felt like my opinion would matter and that I would be part of decision-making processed. And all of those prophecies came true.”

Cohen follows a ‘friends first’ motto, and bring people together to solve problems instead of creating an adversarial environment.

“That mentality definitely resonates and you can feel that in our organization,” says Kendrick.

The company adheres to three core values: Hard work, integrity, and treating people well. “What is the right thing to do?” is the overarching philosophy of decision-making making.

“What Doc (Cohen) preaches and what he believes in is not just lip service,” says Kendrick. “It’s an environment where if you are able to work hard, if you have character and integrity and do things the right way, and if you treat others well, the sky is the limit.”