Michelle Baker, CEO

A great working environment attracts great people. Founder and CEO Michelle Baker took that theory to heart when she launched Swoon Technology Resources in 2010.

“If you are fair and honest and open, if that is the foundation of what you are built on, I think that is going to reflect in the people who work for you,” Baker says.

The company’s structure developed organically through an open and transparent environment. And the company has a new open-footprint location, where everyone, including leadership, works together with no walled offices, although rooms are available for private phone calls or meetings.

Baker likes to keep the environment fun, too. The fridge is stocked with food, beer and wine for those working late, and the company holds events including bowling outings, happy hours and “tech-savvy Wednesdays,” when industry experts come in to educate Swoon employees on a particular subject. And on “vinyl Fridays,” staff members bring in their favorite records to share.

“We all sit around and give a 30-second chat about the record,” she says. “It’s a bonding event and kind of a fun thing to do.”

Even more fun? The company hosts an annual retreat to Mexico. The entire staff and their spouses have attended in the past, but this year it is structured as an incentive program with certain targets to reach.

The company provides 20 vacation days annually, as well as healthcare and 401K plans. Swoon also started a charity committee to target causes employees are involved in, choosing new charities to focus on every six months.

“It’s just a great working environment,” says Baker. “We get a lot of people coming in for interviews who are a little fried from the industry. I’ve worked at some of the larger corporations, where it’s more of a body shop. Here, it’s more about the culture. It’s about nurturing the person, about giving them the opportunity to grow and develop here.”