Ashwini Acharya, IT enterprise worker

“My firm was the best to temp for because they made it about me.”

The way Ashwini Acharya she tells it, she followed Joe Matalone, her recruiter, to Swoon. His caring manner, the fact that he is interested in her career sealed the deal for her. When he switched firms, she took the opportunity to move as well.

“Many staffing firms talk to you to see how they can get more business. But Matalone is more concerned with how the job is, “‘Are they treating you well, do you need anything?’ he asks. That is very important to me,” she says.

Swoon reflects the same concern and personal touch. The firm keeps in regular touch with its temps in a seamless but careful manner, sending gentle reminders to get the required paperwork to them on time. The company stays on top of both vital and less critical issues. There are no last-minute surprises that come up to trip up the worker. He or she can focus on their jobs at the client side.

And this pays off in droves. Customers like Swoon and treat the candidates that are placed by the firm well. A staffing firm with a bad reputation affects a worker’s contract, the way he or she is viewed. “I have known cases where companies tell the temps, you are a great worker but we really don’t want to deal with the staffing firm. Sorry we have to let you go,” Achary relates.

Following Matalone has worked for Acharya. Her current role at a Fortune 500 company became permanent in the fall of 2013. She accepted the offer but still keeps in touch with Swoon.