Steve Amidei, Service Delivery Manager

Horror stories about temping via a staffing firm abound. However, it was an easy process from the get go for Steve Amidei. “My initial contact, Sara Riggs, got the ball rolling smoothly,” he says. She not only explained what the temp position represented, she also described the inner workings of Swoon effectively.

Swoon staff employ the personal touch. Amidei enjoyed talking to them. It also helped that he felt he was being paid a fair and equitable wage. People including the operations/payroll person were quick to respond to questions. He was at ease.

And as his relationship deepened with the company, he started working with Joe Matalone, an executive at the firm. “Here’s a VP of the company who is willing to work with a candidate and get involved at that level. It tells you something,” he says. At a difficult point in his career, Amidei relied on Matalone to guide him through the process. Evening conversations with Matalone — often at 7:30 pm after work — helped him clarify his thinking.

The result: Amidei is in the process of converting to being a full-time worker at McDonalds, after two years at Swoon. He believes he owes much to Matalone. “He gave me really unbiased advice,” he says. Was Matalone not concerned about potentially losing income from Amidei? On the contrary, “Matalone is rooting for me as this is the best decision for my career,” Amidei says.