Vito Scutero, CEO

Staffing is a cyclical business, and it’s important not to “take the highs too high or the lows too low,” says co-founder and CEO Vito Scutero. What helps is to listen to and pay attention to your staff to see what can be tweaked at any given time.

Take training, for example. Sometimes, a worker might not want to move into management, but still wants to make a bigger impact. And after conducting a survey, TekPartners/MedPartners realized employees’ strengths and weaknesses varied. So the company is developing a non-traditional “buddy-like” training system outside the typical mentor (manager)/employee relationship by pairing workers who need help with others skilled in those areas. This helps employees feel like they are contributing more.

And sometimes it is realizing they’ve let things fall by the wayside along the path to growth, and being willing to fix it. Case-in-point: The pinnacle at TekPartners is TWIY club (The World Is Yours), a designation achieved at a certain earned revenue mark. But new employees have a long way to go before joining those ranks. Upon queries from staff, TekPartners re-instated lapsed but popular programs such as Rising Star and Rookie of the Year, so newbies don’t feel recognition is out of reach. “We didn’t realize they were a big deal,” Scutero says, but was quick to reinstate them once asked.

Other earned perks are back in as well, such as the chance to win a pass to leave early or arrive late. And, of course, there a big company trip. But what’s most important, in Scutero’s mind, is the 360-degree approach to communication. Everyone’s ideas matter.