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Pertemps, UK, #2 Midsize to Large (51+ employees, 2015)

Carmen Watson, Managing Director

Pertemps is a family business that puts recognition and reward at the heart of everything it does, says managing director Carmen Watson. “That family thread still runs through the business and we fight vehemently to keep it that way, no matter how much we grow.”

The concept of a family business also […]

OneStaff Medical, #1 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Todd Livingston, President

The Omaha, Neb.-based firm strives for an environment where employees — and their families — feel valued. The leadership makes a point of including families in outings and events that build strong relationships. Past adventures have included bowling, go-cart racing, baseball games and team trust challenge events.

“It builds the trust factor among […]

ICON Staffing Network, #2 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Joel Slenning, CEO

When CEO Joel Slenning launched ICON Staffing Network in 2010, he looked to create an environment where people would perform at very high levels but know they were also in a place entirely different from a typical staffing firm.

Each office location features an open floor plan — there are no offices for […]

Financial Additions, #3 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Doug Hall, President

Financial Additions believes low staff turnover contributes to better client relationships and a better bottom line. And it fosters that employee loyalty with flexibility and a fun work atmosphere.

“It’s flexibility but it’s also accountability,” explains President Doug Hall.

The company offers flexible work schedules but also holds staff accountable for the amount of […]

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    Swoon Technology Resources, #4 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Swoon Technology Resources, #4 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Michelle Baker, CEO

A great working environment attracts great people. Founder and CEO Michelle Baker took that theory to heart when she launched Swoon Technology Resources in 2010.

“If you are fair and honest and open, if that is the foundation of what you are built on, I think that is going to reflect in the […]

Fusion Medial Staffing, #5 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Sam Wageman, President and CEO

Conflict in the workplace isn’t usually considered good thing, but at Fusion Medical Staffing “constructive conflict” — combined with trust and communication — provides a cornerstone for positive relationships and successful careers.

“Conflict is not comfortable until you work on it,” explains Fusion President and CEO Sam Wageman. Used properly, he […]

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    Frontline Source Group Inc, #1 Midsize (51-200 employees, 2015)

Frontline Source Group Inc, #1 Midsize (51-200 employees, 2015)

Bill Kasko, CEO

CEO Bill Kasko won’t ask anyone to do anything he won’t do himself. And he walks the talk. He’s been known to answer the phones, clean the kitchen or get water for candidates. Seeing their CEO pitch in to that extent keeps the staff motivated. All Frontline managers have this mind-set, which […]

ALKU, #2 Midsize (51-200 employees, 2015)

Mark Eldridge, CEO

“We don’t have a fridge full of beer. We don’t have a flexible work-from-home policy,” says CEO Mark Eldridge. Nor does ALKU have a game room or nap room. Instead, ALKU focuses on making sure employees know how they contribute to the company’s goals, growth and success. From the day they start, […]

Optomi, #3 Midsize (51-200 employees, 2015)

Michael Winwood, CEO

“Our strategy begins with people and ends with people. We focus an insane amount of time on hiring great talent,” says CEO Michael Winwood. It’s what they call The Who, which is tied in with Optomi’s core values. The first, genuine and passionate, candidates need from the start. “You can’t teach that,” […]

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    TekPartners/MedPartners, #4 Midsize (51-200 employees, 2015)

TekPartners/MedPartners, #4 Midsize (51-200 employees, 2015)

Vito Scutero, CEO

Staffing is a cyclical business, and it’s important not to “take the highs too high or the lows too low,” says co-founder and CEO Vito Scutero. What helps is to listen to and pay attention to your staff to see what can be tweaked at any given time.

Take training, for example. Sometimes, a […]

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