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Gibbs S3, UK, #1 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Farida Gibbs, CEO

Farida Gibbs, CEO of Gibbs S3, turned to recruitment after graduating with a lot of debt: “Very rapidly I started to understand that recruitment was very fast paced, very competitive. The types of people I was working with were cut-throat. I felt, personally, very out of place.”

This early experience, combined with her […]

People Source, UK, #2 Small (20-50 employees, 2015)

Jason Baker, Chairman

“We’ve always had a culture that’s quite different,” says Jason Baker, chairman of People Source. “It’s not the traditional KPI-driven, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. model. Our model is about putting staff first.”

As such, People Source offers flextime, a rarity in recruitment. “Flextime really helps people fit their work around their lives,” he says. […]

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    ConSol Partners, UK, #1 Midsize to Large (51+ employees, 2015)

ConSol Partners, UK, #1 Midsize to Large (51+ employees, 2015)

Marc Cohen,Director

For founding director Marc Cohen, ConSol Partner’s investment in its staff is what makes the company a great place to work: “I really believe in investment in staff for two main reasons; having a clear training plan means investing in people, which gets them billing more. It also helps retain staff.”

And the programs […]

Pertemps, UK, #2 Midsize to Large (51+ employees, 2015)

Carmen Watson, Managing Director

Pertemps is a family business that puts recognition and reward at the heart of everything it does, says managing director Carmen Watson. “That family thread still runs through the business and we fight vehemently to keep it that way, no matter how much we grow.”

The concept of a family business also […]

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