North America, 10 to 20 employees, 2022

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    Averity Holdings Inc. (Grand Prize Winner, 10 to 20 employees, 2022)

Averity Holdings Inc. (Grand Prize Winner, 10 to 20 employees, 2022)

Where People Are Celebrated

Commitment to employees ensures success for all

To be a company that’s known as a “best place to work” is not something that happens by accident. It’s something that takes commitment — a commitment to your employees, clients, partners and anyone else that comes into contact with your company.

It’s a deliberate choice, […]

Austin Major Group (Winner, 10 to 20 employees, 2022)

Learning and Listening

A strategy that is bringing growth and commitment to Austin Major Group


How does an organization become a Best Staffing Firm to Work For? To Austin Major Group co-founders and partners John Buffa and Gabe Heckt, the answer is simple: learning and listening. “You become a best company to work for by […]

InTegrum Resources (Winner, 10 to 20 employees, 2022)

Small Is Big

Success of the business lies in a personal, people-first approach

Anthony Martell and Peter Begley have been fortunate to work with “exceptional individuals” in their careers. Aside from wanting to give back to an industry that had been good to them, they found themselves missing the excitement and challenge of a start-up. So […]

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