Paul Wallenberg, senior project manager

“LaSalle is the best place to work because not only do we reinvest in the company financially but we invest in our people professionally and personally as well.”

Three years into his tenure with LaSalle Network, Paul Wallenberg still remembers his 8-digit employee number from his prior employer, a Fortune 100 company. The number was used for everything, he says, and he felt demeaned. “It was so defeating, to be told when I walked in the door that I was just a number,” he shares.

It couldn’t be more different at LaSalle Network, where chief executive officer Tom Gimbel makes clear at the outset the company’s high-touch atmosphere by participating in each interview for internal staff. Another example: One of the biggest events of a LaSallian’s year is the anniversary of his or her start date, or “Re-birthday,” the centerpiece of which is Gimbel personally recapping in front of the staff all of the celebrant’s accomplishments throughout the past year. Food is catered in, and the employee’s desk is decorated with balloons, streamers and pictures. Gifts are given from the staff and Gimbel himself, such as portfolios, new suits and iPods.

For these and other reasons, Wallenberg feels valued. And he gives it back to the company, receiving one of LaSalle’s highest internal accolades, “LaSallian of the Year” in 2013.

LaSalle has many perks and fun activities. Most recently, Gimbel flew the entire staff to an all-expense paid weekend in the San Francisco area for hitting a fourth-quarter goal. But it’s not that, Re-birthdays, La-Lympics (annual Olympic-style events), LaSallemas (celebrating the company’s anniversary) or other perks that Wallenberg values most. It’s the frequent opportunities to share and learn from one another. Staff meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss the previous week’s accomplishments and highlights as well as lessons learned. Having the ability to do that as a company is “amazing,” he says.