Todd Livingston, President

The Omaha, Neb.-based firm strives for an environment where employees — and their families — feel valued. The leadership makes a point of including families in outings and events that build strong relationships. Past adventures have included bowling, go-cart racing, baseball games and team trust challenge events.

“It builds the trust factor among all of them to bring back and utilize it in the office setting, helping one another,” says President Todd Livingston.

In addition, they hold weekly meetings to discuss operational issues, sales goals and forecasts also provide an opportunity for employees to discuss in an open setting any ideas that may benefit the company.

“We don’t want people to feel that they are just an employee here punching a clock, increasing our business and our revenue,” says Livingston. “We want them to feel empowered to make suggestions and fine-tune things within the way our day-to-day business operations run.”

Employees also benefit from initial mandatory training, regardless of their job duty or experience. And staff has access to the firm’s in-house platform that provides a database of customers, candidates, jobs and margins.

“It’s literally a one-stop shop where everything works with a click of a button,” Livingston explains. “I think that gives us a huge competitive advantage.”

The three owners who launched OneStaff in 2010 hope to grow the company into a major industry player.

“We want to become one of the top agencies out there in the country, but we want to continue to keep the family-style environment and atmosphere within the organization no matter how big we get,” Livingston says.