Bringing to Life

A purpose-driven mission for one and all

Since 2011, Roth Staffing Cos. has been a staple on SIA’s Best Staffing Firms to Work For list, and there are many reasons why. It starts with the company’s stated purpose: “To make life better for the people we serve.” And not only do leaders and staff focus on creating remarkable experiences for their customers and the people they place — whom they call “ambassadors” — but they also make sure their purpose remains a top priority for their coworkers, because it starts with them.

Julie Hagan-Belka, senior VP of professional services, has been with Roth Staffing for 18 years, and its standing as a best staffing firm to work for gives her great pride. “I have the advantage of seeing our company bring our mission, vision, values, purpose and promise to life each day,” she shares. “For me, personally, it rings true to why I’ve chosen to build my career here, and there are many others within our organization who share a similar story.”

Embodiment of Culture

Tina Fox-McCord, director of innovation and integration, agrees, saying Roth stands out as a best place to work because it doesn’t just say it’s great to work for — it embodies that culture in its approach every day. “We don’t just say it, we do it. It’s who we are. It’s how we hire and how we operate within our organization and culture,” Fox-McCord adds.

That approach is key. They provide flexibility, competitive compensation and the opportunity to work with people who have shared values. “Our coworkers are excited to come to work each day and be a part of something that is special and unique in our industry. We have found a way to strike a balance between flexibility and results, and our coworker engagement has soared,” Hagan-Belka says.

Another important reason Roth Staffing shines is its focus on employee development and promoting from within. Management ensures employees have growth opportunities and can move forward in the company. “Roth Staffing believes in investing in their coworkers and drawing on their strengths to develop their career,” says Marketing Operations Manager Denise Orozco, who started at Roth Staffing as a business solutions support specialist 10 years ago. “I’m so grateful to receive this level of ongoing support from a wide range of leaders and those I consider mentors.”

The Covid Challenge

Keeping employees working through the lockdowns and quarantines that have come with the global pandemic has been a challenge for all companies big and small, but keeping employees engaged and connected while isolated at their homes added another layer to the challenge. Going from an on-site company to completely remote led to innovation in the form of new tools and processes, adjusted team meetings, town halls and other virtual events to help coworkers feel connected with each other and managers. “We have weekly town halls, which have become such an integral part of who we are now. It’s 20 or 30 minutes of really connecting on different topics. It’s proven really valuable to the team, and it’s a great way for us to continue to stay connected,” Hagan-Belka says.

Making sure coworkers feel they are in the know and informed is a top priority for Roth Staffing. “This was so comforting in a time of such uncertainty, and it continues to be so,” Orozco adds.

Keeping It Fun

Roth Staffing feels an important piece of keeping teams engaged is having fun while doing what you love to do, no matter what the setting is. “We’ve done fun things like a companywide scavenger hunt contest. We gave everybody 30 minutes to find items in their neighborhood,” Fox-McCord shares. “It’s great because it got people up and walking around outside, and it allowed our coworkers to reengage and step away from virtual meetings.”

Especially in her role, Fox-McCord knows how important change is, even if it’s difficult at times. Pushing through new and innovative ideas can be met with anxiety and apprehension, but she feels proud of how Roth’s coworkers have handled the changes over the past few years. “I think my proudest moments come from the ability to bring the innovation and integration full circle, connecting the dots between change management within the organization and the ‘why’ behind it, and helping people feel comfortable through any type of change.”

Roth Staffing sets itself apart by not only encouraging staff to give back to their communities through their company-sponsored programs, but also by providing paid time off to participate in philanthropic endeavors of their choosing. And that’s especially meaningful to Orozco. “Community outreach is important to me,” she says. “There are several nonprofit organizations that are close to my heart, and I am so grateful to be given time to give back.”

Hagan-Belka concurs: “The fact that we have a culture that promotes all of the things that are most important to me, that allows me to serve my community, participate on local boards and charitable events, that means so much to me,” she shares. “I always say, do what you can, as far as your arms can reach. And that means getting involved in my own community, and Roth allows me to do that.”

From the Heart

Orozco adds that she feels fortunate to support many programs in the company’s “From the Heart” platform, its internal coworker engagement program, and has seen first-hand the deep and meaningful gestures of kindness and compassion extended to her coworkers. “Much of what makes us a best place to work is something that will never be seen externally or on paper, but through an experience as a coworker.”

Being a best place to work not only benefits the internal coworkers but has a ripple effect on customers and ambassadors of Roth as well. “I think if you are operating under one type of culture internally, that also comes out externally,” Fox-McCord says.

Ensuring Belonging

Roth Staffing is committed to ensuring that their employees feel a sense of belonging, and as a result they’ve recently hired a director of diversity, equity and inclusion. “This was important to us as an organization to ensure we continue to listen, grow and take action,” Fox-McCord adds.

Roth Staffing operates by guiding principles that impact their coworkers, customers and ambassadors. According to Fox-McCord, those guiding principles aren’t just words on a page. “Our company promise is, ‘We love to create remarkable experiences … every person, every time,’ and it’s not just a statement. We live by that.” Hagan-Belka sums up what makes Roth Staffing a great place to work in one sentence: “Working for a company that really wants to elevate people’s careers, both for our ambassadors and for our coworkers, is one of the most rewarding things you could possibly be a part of. I am so grateful.”