Emily Sato, account executive

“My company is the best to work for because it lets employees put forward their own ideas.”

Internal employees at Optomi are encouraged to come to the table with new ideas. And that’s one aspect of the company that helps make it a great place to work, says Emily Sato, account executive.

“Any time we have an idea on how we can improve company culture or improve the processes we have in place to be more efficient, Optomi is very open to their employees coming to senior leadership and presenting these ideas, then running with it through implementation,” Sato says.

For example, Optomi began a mentorship program that pairs a more experienced worker with a new hire. The workers help one another, and the program helps everybody keep abreast of trends as well as exchange ideas on overcoming obstacles because the mentorship program pairs workers that are in two different markets in the same role.

The idea for the mentorship program came from internal employees, not top management.

Sato says Optomi also works with internal employees through monthly reviews that cover more than just the expected questions of whether metrics are being met.

“It’s a scheduled opportunity every month for you to sit down with your leadership and say ‘hey these are some ideas I have,’ and here’s where I see myself in the next six months, the next year, and this is where I want my career to grow within the company,” she says.

The company also holds team-building activities that include families as well as employees, Sato says. And it’s big on community involvement and service as well.

“I don’t think I will ever work anywhere else for the rest of my life, and I’m pretty young so that’s a pretty big statement to make,” Sato says.