Christina Hilton, client relationship executive

My staffing firm is the best place to work because it offers ample opportunity to learn about the industry.”

Christina Hilton, client relationship executive, joined the firm about three years ago after working in the healthcare industry. She was seeking a more energized environment and a career with growth potential.

“It’s been just a wonderful opportunity,” she says.

A mentoring program sets up teams for extensive training, and Collabera provides training sessions with topics ranging from skill sets to how to work with clients.

“You’re not just thrown in there,” says Hilton.

Hilton praises the collaborative approach the company takes.

“It’s a great team environment, she says. “Everyone works together for greater incentives. We all want to see the company succeed, we all want to see each other succeed.”

Hilton’s current Charlotte-based position is a sort of Jack-of-all-trades role that includes a client facing as well as working with consultants on a daily basis. Although young in her career, she sets her sight high and believes Collabera will be able to align her with all of her goals.

“For me, you’re learning every day,” she says. “That’s the best thing that I’ve come across in this company.”