UK 2014

Montash, #1, U.K., 2014

Oliver Marsh, principal consultant
“My staffing firm is the best to work for because it’s like family: fun and competitive”
Montash is like a family. “Our CEO, Andy [Larholt], has been like a father figure to me since I started. He’s coached me as a person, both inside and outside of work. Montash isn’t just a […]

Harnham, #2, U.K., 2014

Talitha Boitel-Gill, recruitment consultant
“Harnham is the best to work for because you can bring up any issue.”
A comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is one of the things that Talitha Boitel-Gill appreciates most about Harnhem: “It’s quite a diverse atmosphere in terms of the different kinds of people who work here. People get on really […]

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