Marc Cohen,Director

For founding director Marc Cohen, ConSol Partner’s investment in its staff is what makes the company a great place to work: “I really believe in investment in staff for two main reasons; having a clear training plan means investing in people, which gets them billing more. It also helps retain staff.”

And the programs are individualized because everyone’s targets and metrics are different based on the sectors and regions they deal with. And expectations are clear. “We’ve created a really meritocratic salary system that shows clearly how to progress.” There’s no glass ceiling, he says. “Anyone can ask for a six-month review at any point so that they can advance to the next level. It helps younger people advance quickly.”

Training trips to Las Vegas and Los Angeles are on offer to top performers, and it’s not always the same people going. “We try to change it up to include others and take other aspects of job performance into account.”

The company also creates team events to raise money for charity. For one event, staff went out with buckets to collect money for charity. “It was a competition to see who could raise the most, but it was for a good cause.”

These types of events have formed a close-knit team: “The guys in the office go out together. There’s very little politics and they get on really well. Some nights you’ll find a FIFA (soccer) tournament taking place; it can get really competitive.”

Above all, “there’s a big emphasis on talking. I always like to make sure that people know the door is always open,” Cohen adds.