Norma Bivona, Medical Laboratory Scientist, traveler

As a temp traveler, knowing that your staffing agency has your back is critical. And that is what Fusion Medical Staffing does for Norma Bivona.

It begins with her recruiter, who keeps in regular touch with her almost every week. Her recruiter makes sure Bivona has suitable housing when she’s on assignment and that she is settling into her new position as smoothly as possible.

“She continues that family support that you might not have when you’re traveling,” says Bivona.

But it’s not just about the recruiters or housing. Even other departments are very responsive, such asmarketing or finance.They are quick to return phone calls and cater to their temporary workers by offering a slew of benefits including dental, vision, 401(k) and short-term disability.

Fusion also provides paid time off regardless of the states she works in; Fusion’s PTO kicks in about every three assignments for Bivona, allowing her to enjoy an occasional break to enjoy a new locale without worrying about finances.

The caring attitude emanates from the top down, with the senior executives sending welcoming emails to candidates when they start with Fusion.

When Bivona found herself on assignment in the company’s headquarter city of Omaha, Neb., she decided on a whim to stop in the office. While there, she met personally with President Sam Wageman and COO Scott Wehner, the founders of the firm.

“When I walked in the door, I felt like a part of the company already, and I only been with them a few months,” she says.